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Becoming a Ranger

The only prerequisites toward becoming a member of Heliotropic Rangers is to attend a training (and/or to be a Black Rock Ranger in good standing) that you have attended Toast (2001-2010) or Saguaro Man and Decompression or any another regional event before (including Burning Man), and that you work a “mentoring shift” with an experienced Ranger for your first shift.

A Ranger, must possess a delicate and complex set of skills. If you would like to be a Ranger at Saguaro Man or Decompression, you must attend a training. Dates and locations will be posted on this site, and info on the official Black Rock Ranger trainings will be posted on the Black Rock Ranger web site.

Also, note that we require previous attendance at Saguaro Man or Decompression or some other regional burn at least once prior to your training for a role as a Ranger, just as you must attend Burning Man in Nevada at least twice before you can become a Black Rock Ranger.

Mentoring: Another important part of becoming a Ranger is “Mentoring”, a process to ensure that all new first time Rangers are oriented to the many tasks and roles of being a Ranger.

Mentors take newly accepted first time Ranges who've completed the training and show them the 'ropes' in the Art of Rangering. Mentors will conduct a basic evaluation as to whether candidates are ready to Ranger, and will make a recommendation as to whether these folks should become Rangers or not.

Contact Ranger Hermione for more information.

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