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The Heliotropic Rangers are administered year-round by a Ranger Council. The Council works to insure that the community is well-served by the Heliotropic Rangers, and at Saguaro Man & Decompression, Arizona's Regional Events; the Council is responsible to make sure that all bases are covered before we arrive on site.

Schedules are posted, logistics arranged for all aspects of Heliotropic Ranger operations, including HQ, patrols, camping, and fire suppression for burn night.

We plan our mandatory ROM training on site at Saguaro Man, in coordination with affiliate regional trainings administered by other Regional Ranger Organizations and the Black Rock Rangers.

These trainings take place in various locations, often including Central and Southern California, Washington state, New York, Texas, and Maryland, with other sites/venues possibly expanding in the future.

Rangers ride the edge of chaos, making sure everyone gets nicely Toasted without getting burned!

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