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The safety of our participants is our main concern, and the Heliotropic Rangers brethren are committed to planning, supporting and monitoring the event so as to hold the least possible risk of injury.

Saguaro Man & Decompression, Arizona's Regional Events are held at a remote locations with minimal facilities, and participants are encouraged to plan for as many contingencies as possible, however because we want to make the event as safe as possible we’ve recruited an EMS and Fire contingent to ensure that emergencies can be handled as effectively as possible.

Rangers as they are known; also promote awareness of potential danger, from sunstroke, dehydration, fire and safety issues, personal injury, illness, potential hazards associated with faulty structural design, camp layout, camp location, as well as dealing with lost and disoriented individuals.

If you experience an emergency at Saguaro Man or Decompression, or you are concerned about a situation that you feel may escalate out of control, please come by Ranger Headquarters, recognizable by the large Rangers logo sign.

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