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Why Be an Arizona Ranger

Artists experiment with many different media at Saguaro Man & Decompression. Within the confines of our city you’ll see fire pieces, sculpture installations, and performances that combine materials and traditions that seek to transcend the average and push participants into new territory.

Rangers, as they are known; practice community service at Saguaro Man, and we consider that to be our art. There is no set formula to rangering, no manual to be mastered and implemented to the letter - rather each situation creates a unique opportunity for a ranger to express his or her love for the community and respect for each participant.

Through balancing the needs of the many with the rights of each individual, often through creative and occasionally inspired means, we hope to inspire others to see that there is often a better solution available, if we can practice the wisdom to seek it. If that sounds like the kind of art you would like to create, we encourage you to join us.

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